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Join Ivy for her 'lunchtime fantasy'. Watch her take Pablo's huge cock and ride him until she cums! Tiffany and Brandon make passionate love until he fills her with cum. A stunning couple not to be missed!
Penelopea - in Rescue MeCum and join this stunning couple as they enjoy breakfast in bed, followed by dessert (includes anal)Kaci and Jessy make a good pair they both enjoy sunsets, and, more importantly, they both enjoy making love by the sunset. And they waste no time getting started. In no time at all, he has dick in her, pounding her sweet, tight pussy. The get lost in each other, and don't stop for one second. Why would they? It feels so good. We won't spoil the end for you. Let's just say it ends well. : ) Enjoy!Silvie and Eufrat expertly work each others pussies until they have awesome orgasms.Watch these cute blonde roommates explore their perfect pink pussies and expertly finger each other until they cum!Wild child Silvie ravishes a lucky X-Art model! What would you do to have those legs wrapped around you?
Presenting the web debut of tall, beautiful brunette model Kaylee! She reveals it all for the first time - only on X-Art.Who among us would not want to be woken up by the adorable and sexy Brittany? Ready, willing, and eager is what she is, and Tommy is too! Hey, who wouldn't be with a wake up call like this? : ) Soft and supple, she starts off slowly, and then starts to ride him both ways. Then he takes over to both of their satisfaction. We won't spoil it for you though you'll have to see for yourself. We assure you though, like both of them, you will not be disapointed. : ) Enjoy!Hannelie D. - Wonder WomanNaughty little Abby gets her wish to have a threesome with Carla and Pablo, they take turns on his huge cock!It's really simple Lily is horny and wants to be filled. Her boyfriend is too busy to come over so she takes matters into her own hands literally. With no time to waste - or reason to waste it - she starts rubbing her sweet pussy right away, licking her fingers and getting it even more wet than it already is. She does such a good job at it that she cums sooner than she expected to but no worries, she's so horny she keeps going and cums even harder the next time it's so hot you really have to see it for yourself and we hope that you do. : ) Enjoy. Cute blonde 19 year old Stacy has a perfect body. She stars in her very first threesome, only on X-Art!
There's nothing like a relaxing day and a bit of afternoon sex - especially when it's with the sexy and gorgeous Victoria. :) After a bit of gentle give and take, they're ready to enjoy each other fully. Slowly and softly he enters her sweet pussy, enjoying every position. There's no rush and nowhere else to be and they take their sweet time. Who wouldn't want to take as much time as they could with this beautiful sexy woman? In the end, she makes him cum with her gentle mouth and the relaxing afternoon continues. Come on in and see it happen...Dominique by Jon BarrySascha by Max StanMascha by Peter Porai-KoshitsSexy blond Erica tried her very first double penetration. Just watch... she cums like never before in another X-Art first!Drop in for a chat whenever you like. Caprice always loves to share her secrets.
Karina and her lucky boyfriend enjoy having sex on a sultry summer afternoon - while you watch!Vinona by Free Form StudioIn this 10 minute HD video and 30 high resolution pics Katrina has two orgasms looks you in the eye and invites you to join in the action!Eleanor by Vitaly GorbonosIt doesn't get any cuter, or sexier, than hearing Hayden talk about what she likes - about herself, about how she likes to be touched, about who she is... it's just wonderful. Watching her disrobe as she talks about what's underneath is even better. And what's even better is watching her touch herself the way she likes to be touched. Yes, it just keeps getting better and better! : ) And that's exactly how we like it. Come in and see for yourself what Hayden likes... we're sure you'll like it too.When Sexy Latina Veronica heard how hot Tommy was in bed, she couldn't wait to have sex with him!
In a rare offering for X-Art only, stunning Caprice shows off her aptitude for anal sex!There are few things better than two beautiful, sexy girls naked together. And when those two girls are Maria and Brittany it's even better! They both couldn't wait to explore each other's bodies and experience pleasure at each other's hands and tongues. Watching them rub and lick each other's tight, sweet pussies was so hot several of us wanted to leave the room but we didn't want to miss any of this, and we're pretty sure you don't either. We won't spoil any of it, but let's just say, they each have a very good time. We hope you do too. : ) Enjoy!Join tiny, beauty Angel and her hot friend Seth for an intense afternoon romp in a beach-side cabana.Katya by Alexandr PetekIn this HD video and matching photo-set 18 year-old Carlie swallows a huge cock taking it all the way down her tiny throat!Deserea by Jon Barry


Tinna - ChefMartisha by Alexandra AlmazovaJulisha by Pasha LisovThere are few things more sensuous and satisfying than a good massage - especially one with a happy ending! It's clear that Tarra is enjoying herself, but she wants more and has no trouble leading Angelo's hand to where she really wants it her beautiful pussy. The oil sure does help as she guides his hand and keeps it where she wants it. She really needs this and Angelo is more than happy to oblige her something Tarra will be very grateful for very soon. Thankfully for her - and for us - she wasn't afraid to let him know what really needed massaging. : ) Come in and see Tarra get her hot massage and her happy ending. Enjoy!Mariah by Rustam KoblevSerious sexiness
Well folks... here it is... our first sex video. And to christen the event, we have the ever so sexy and always beautiful Miela. O.K... so here's what happened... we planned on doing just a masturbating video with Miela - which would have been great on it's own! - but, fortunately for all of us, she was so horny, and got so exited, she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend Tom (who was at the shoot hanging out). Naturally, we asked if they wouldn't mind us filming them in action and much to our pleasure - and yours, we hope - they were more than happy to oblige us. We hope you enjoy this maiden voyage as much as we did... and as much as we know they did!Gorgeous blondes Willow and Kaye explore each other's bodies with tenderness and passion!What if one day your wife/girlfriend invited another HOT girl to bed with you... and then she let you have your way with them BOTH?One of the funnest things about falling in love is rolling around in bed and having HOT sex all day long, watch Connie and Aaron do just that!A cherry sucker. A beautiful girl. A wide open pussy.Watch Anneli and her boyfriend have their way with a cute, petite brunette in this awesome X-Art threesome!
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What would you do if you were alone with Ivy? Ponder this while she shows you every inch of her perfection!Olga by Max AsoloPerfect 18 year-old Abby explores her HOTTEST secret sexual fantasy - having steamy sex with a tall, dark handsome stranger!Ariel - PokerfaceX-Art presents another episode in our 'Real Couples Series', featuring gorgeous long-legged Silvie and her handsome husband - just married!Donna by Sass
Join Leila and Carmen for a hot threesome while on vacation at the beach!Hot and horny, Holly is a babe that needs some lovin'. And until she gets some, she is going to give it to herself. Thankfully, she wastes no time doing so! Her hands are where they need to be in no time, on her sweet, sweet pussy, and they keep getting deeper and deeper, as she gets wetter and wetter! We won't spoil the rest though. You'll just have to come in and see for yourself. Let's just say, she really works up a thirst. : ) Enjoy!Valerie is smooth and silky in the oil. She should never be covered any other way.Classic and modernWatching the always beautiful, always sexy Queen Ariel pleasure herself is always a pleasure - and this time is no exception. She's so comfortable with herself and her slender fit body and knows exactly what to do to bring herself to climax and wastes no time getting there. When we asked what she's like to do for this video she simply said Miela and Tom are back. The both have a great sex life and one of the things turning Miela on is to have sex while others are watching. She enjoyed the first film with us so much that she simply wanted more. Well, we were very happy to help her out again this week. Watch this this video to see how much Miela loves to feel this strong cock inside of her. Hear her screaming loud while Tom penetrates her deeply. A truly exiting experience to watch this couple having real sex. Enjoy!


When we first met the lovely Tea she was very shy and didn't say much. You would never know that from this video though, and we are so glad. : ) It didn't take her long to get her clothes off, and took even less time for her to start touching and caressing herself. Before long, she had her favorite toy out and things got really hot really quickly. Watching Tea come out of her shell in this artful way was a real joy to behold. By the end of the shoot we were all smitten with her. It's not hard (but it will be), as you will see for yourself when you watch this beauty do her thing. Enjoy!Beautiful Spanish model Gabriella and lucky Mr. X enjoy each others bodies as they make love for the very first time!Marlen B. - PremiereJust Fuck Me
Nastusia by ZaraImagine having sex with one of the most beautiful women in the world, in an idyllic Mediterranean setting!Sofie in Follow MeWho wouldn't want to take the sexy Victoria - anywhere she wanted to go?!! : ) It's so great how open and uninhibited she is about what she wants. We love that. And what she wanted was to be taken. Thankfully, that's just what he did. After going down on her, finger and tongue in her sweet pussy, he takes her from behind... and that's only the beginning. Watching these two together was very exiting. Victoria really enjoyed herself - which made us enjoy it that much more. We hope you do as well. Enjoy!Gorgeous brunette Caprice and blond Erica show off their perfect bodies in this HOT lesbian scene!Jasmine A. - Showroom
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Hellena by Viktoria SunStacey is imagining herself a prisoner in a rich man's castle at the top of a cliff. It's the fantasy that always turns her on the most. She's been left alone there, naked, hair streaming over her shoulder. This man is married, but Stacey has always known that he is wildly attracted to her just by the way he looks at her. And this time he has whisked her in the middle of a dinner party saying Baby-faced Carlie poses and shows off her gorgeous pussy in this cool photo set by Coco.Snezhana by Aleksandra AlmazovaAs she plays with Carl's cock Chloe looks up at you... imagine how good it feels as she wraps her pretty pink lips around you.Ondine B. in Someone Like Me
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Cum and watch tiny blond Mina fuck her friend's HUGE 11Stunning, long-legged Kitty strips out of her tight skirt and has hot sex with her lucky co-worker.Carla F. - In PremiereWatch beautiful Josephine having an awesome orgasm in this very subtle, modern setting.The perfect relaxation for a lazy afternoon Josephine is pleasing herself while spreading her legs wide. Watch our amazing beauty in this very private moment of pure joy! See more of her and other super models from our lates shoot on Ibiza soon!So this is what these three get up to in private? Invite yourself along to watch.Liqued blue eyes
Tori looks so pretty and sweet... then she pulls out some pretty big toys! Cum and see.Blonde cutie Carla is stretched in many ways, until she's completely satisfied by her well-endowed masseur.Natalia D. - PremiereWe were all set to shoot this great video with Niky and her blind date. And when she arrived she expected a male pornstar. However, to her surprise we introduced her to our crew members and let her chose. She spotted Angelo, one of our newer crew members and suggested he join her in the shoot. Obviously, we were fine with this, and so was he! Seems like she wanted to forget about her ex boyfirend as soon as possible and we were more than happy to help her do that. What we got as a result was a sensual and sexy shoot of passionate love-making for the record books. We hope you enjoy watching Angelo help Niky forget all about her boyfriend as much as he - and she - did!Erotic peachAshley - Portrait Of A Lady
Who doesn't like a massage - especially one with a happy ending! Well, Katie gets one here and it sure is a good one. Angelo takes his time with her and Katie enjoys every second of it. Why rush after all? She's got nowhere else to be today and nowhere she'd rather be either. Watching her sweet pussy getting massaged is such a turn on - especially when she joins in with the rubbing. : ) Even better is watching her adorable face as she cums. A happy ending indeed. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as she enjoyed getting it. :)Watch Connie and her cute boyfriend Aaron make love to each other in Paradise! Their love, authenticity, passion and beauty is a pleasure to behold.Sunny and Axel waste no time getting down to it in this latest video What lurks behind those smoldering eyesBeauty like Lynne's is highly prized. It's the most precious quality there is.Some consider the minutes just before sunset to be a magical time and with Jospephine, it is sure to be that and more. So sexy and curvacious, Josephine would be any man's dream come true. This time, she is Den's, and he takes full advantage of the experience. Slowly and softly, he enjoys her tight, sweet and wet pussy, and she enjoys every second of it. Neither is any rush and it shows. : ) Come in and see these two enjoy the sunset in the best way they know how with each other. Enjoy!
Katrina's eyes look like heaven as she fucks you. You can't wait to watch her cum.Hayden W. - in Pure Nude ArtMara and Roma by AztekDana C. - Born To EnjoyGloria and Nicole have a vision of the future. But it will be a time for girl-on-girl caresses.Flori by A. Ovchinnikov


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